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Founding Directors:

Natasha Bedford:

natasha profileOne of the three positivity chasers leading the Inspiration Club Natasha has a background as diverse as a bag of pick a mix. A qualified Physiotherapist with extensive experience with Elite and professional athletes, along with Sports Therapy and Sports Science qualifications she has a science base with holistic approach to any work she does.

Natasha is a vibrant, passionate, enthusiastic, compassionate person, who offers a coaching service which can combine Physiotherapy, nutritional information to help change your lifestyle for the better. With a strong scientific background Natasha is also passionate about her spiritual side fan of yoga and law of attraction and synchronicity. “My aim within Inspiration Club is to show people what is possible when wonderful like minded people come together in one space, unlock their potential and provide an metophorical arm around someone’s shoulder showing them how to be the best they can be in any circumstance. I’m  passionate about making a difference in this world.” Natasha can get the best out of any age group, however her extensive work professional in Physiotherapy and youth work helps her make the connections most people miss with wonderful teenagers and Kidults.

Carole Donnelly:

Carole DonnellyCarole first came across John in 2008 when she attended the original Inspiration Club, a few years later after establishing her own motivational training & consultancy business Carole started discussions with John to get the Inspiration Club back up and running, adding Natasha youthful enthusiasm ensured the team and the dream was put into motion. Carole is passionate about making a difference with a social and moral consciousness. Carole is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, which enables her to offer business coaching for budding or existing entrepreneurs. Carole has over 25 years experience in management, leadership, policy, housing & community development as well as a wealth of self-development training and 1;1 personal coaching. My ambition for the Inspiration Club is to see this grow and develop into a worldwide brand with Inspiration Clubs through the UK, Europe and the World. Carole loves learning and sharing that learning with other through story telling and the Inspiration Club allows that passion and desire to grow.

John Sherry:

JohnI’m John Sherry, the founder of the original Inspiration Club in 2007, a club I started to provide positive support and encouragement to people aspiring to live their best life. I’m so excited that now with Natasha and Carole joining me we can take the club to the next level. Our aspiration! My specialism is energy – I am a super energy coach who helps clients stop feeling drained or lacklustre and to begin connecting to a whole new buzz and vibe that rejuvenates their life, their plans, their future and themselves. I connect people back to the life they love and often, the one that’s been waiting for them. I also have a great love of self-development and spirituality having worked as a medium including training people to develop their sensitivities in Europe as well as having a longer career in the sports field specifically tennis where I was a professional coach twice for nearly 2 decades. I love people, I love coaching, I love energy, I love all the amazing potentials and possibilities that lie within us, I love ideas and creativity, I love dreamers, I love loving, and I love to be where there’s happiness, smiles, positivity and a can-do spirit. That’s what I promise at The Inspiration Club – that’s what I promise with me!