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Is it time to take your health seriously? Have you ever wanted to lose weight or be more healthy? I bet most of you looking at this page have all wanted to be healthier, haven’t you? We all need to accept full responsibility for our health. No one else is going to look after your health, so why not start today and put health at the top of your agenda?

Carole has been on an amazing journey over the last few months. Carole lost one stone in one month recently all by changing what she eats, being more aware of the food she eats and where it comes from. Carole realized that certain food products were adding to her weight gain and leaving her feeling run down and sluggish. With a few simple changes, that included removing most dairy products, red meat, white rice and wheat on a daily basis Carole lost one stone in 4 weeks and continues to lose weight until she reaches her goal of shedding 2.5 stone.

Why not let Carole & Natasha help you with your journey to a new healthier you. We have a number of programmes and products that can help you achieve your goals to lose weight, maintain your weight or just make some healthier options. Carole has added a few supplements to her new eating regime, eats a more ‘green/alkaline’ diet; if you would like more information on how she has achieved this see the contact details below.

Both Carole & Natasha have their own health and well-being  businesses. They can offer a wealth of knowledge and also advise you on what products or exercise would be best for you. Carole has a brand new programme call the “7-Sevens” launching in 2017 but modules 1 & 2 are due to be launched in June 2016, so keep watching this page for updates and some free workbooks, handy hints to kick start your new daily habits for a healthier and wealthier life. Natasha runs her own Physio business in the Midlands alongside her health and well-being business.

Carole & Natasha recommend a number of key products that can help you live a healthier life. These include a wide variety of nutritional supplements, Aloe Vera based drinks plus a wide variety of beauty and well-being products. We have over 250 products on our on-line shops and we will happily talk to you about which ones would be best for you.

We also recommend a number of ‘Eco’ friendly products too: So what ever it is you need, get in touch with us and we can start sharing our amazing products direct with you today.

If you really can’t wait that long and want to kick start your healthier lifestyle today we both recommend the ‘Clean 9’ as a way to re-programme your eating habits. The Clean 9 offers recipes, exercise and nutritional advice all for a one off payment of £108.95; contact us direct to order this great product on 07846407539 or email