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3 ways to add more laughter in your life

Laughter really is the best medicine and guess what most of the time it is totally free! Laughter provides a vigorous workout, it tightens your stomach muscles, strengthens your heart and regular laughing even boosts your immune system. So if you really want a happy, healthy, stress free life then laughter really is the best […]

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Today is a GREAT Day!

How do you start a Great Day every day? How many times have you heard people saying or even singing “Always look on the bright side of life” However, it isn’t that easy; is it? Why is that? Because our negative thinking and negative self-talk is mainly unconscious, it just mumbles around in the background, […]

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What really happens when we say YES to life?

By saying yes to life you get to experience so much more, you have a positive can do attitude that really does turn your life around. Maybe it is time for you to stop saying no, maybe or I can’t and add a few more I can, I will and yes, yes, yes to life. […]

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Are you fed up with setting goals?

Are you fed up with setting goals but do it anyway? Well join the rest of us, we all do it, don’t we this time of year? Everywhere we turn it is goal setting this and goal setting that. New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, to get fitter, to write that book, to stop drinking, to start […]

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Do you let those Gremlins ruin your life?

  Do you let those pesky Gremlins or that internal voice ruin your fun and allow them to stop you living your life to the max? Have you ever notice that when you get an invitation through the door to a party, a theatre or a live event? You find yourself saying, wow, that looks amazing, […]

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