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3 steps to overcoming fear

eu2How do you overcome fear when massive change happens?

Here in the UK we have entered a period of fear, blame and recriminations. Why? Because we took part in a referendum last week and just under 52% of those who took the time to vote, voted to leave the European Economic Union. (EU) Since the results became clear around 3:30am on the morning of Friday 24th June 2016 the Country entered a new phase. Within hours of the final result the Prime Minister tendered his resignation, giving 3 months’ notice and the markets went a little crazy with millions being wiped off share values and the £pound lost value in the money markets too. Fear took over as we entered a massive period of change.

Have you ever completed a 3-month resignation period? I have and as soon as I’d made the decision to leave, I mentally left the job/building/office. So here we are in the UK, yes we are in shock and practically leaderless. Those who voted to remain quickly demanded a second referendum, some wanted to change their minds, claiming they didn’t really know what they were voting for and some just wanted to get on with a swift exit.


Just like a divorce, you don’t wait for the ‘decree absolute’ to move out of the marital home and start planning your new life, even if it wasn’t and still isn’t what you chose. So this is where the country is, spiralling downwards without a clear plan of where they are heading. The country is split right down the middle with blame and fear being the main feelings coming to the fore.

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.



So what 3 simple steps can we as a nation or as an individual do to handle this unexpected change and to allay the fear? How do you handle massive change? As I write they’re still looking for Plan B and yes I don’t mean the group.



Do you?

  1. Accept Change: It is inevitable; don’t dwell on what ‘could have’ or ‘should have’ been. Blaming others just gives your power away and the ability to make informed choices. Just see what you can do to accept change, move onwards and upwards. There are always alternatives, you just have to look for them harder.
  2. Review the options: an informed choice is far better than an ill-informed knee jerk reaction that is imposed upon you. Find out all the facts, find out how it will impact on you and then take action to ensure you, your family, friends or business has the best possible outcome. Plan your future, don’t leave it to chance or the whims of others.
  3. Enjoy your life to the maximum; we all know the cemetery is full of people who wished they’d done more with their lives. Why not be the ‘positive can do person,’ embrace those opportunities, look for the solutions. Ditch the ‘Cant’s, what if’s, should haves and become the change, become the leader and make a real difference in your own life and the lives of others. Fear will prevent you enjoying life, so why not turn those fears into opportunities?

After all, fear only comes when we are uncertain, not sure of the future and struggling to accept whats happened. No one really knows what the UK’s exit from the EU will look like, no one knows what the real economic impact will be, because no country has left yet! We could embrace the opportunity to set a new landscape and a new way to deal with other countries within Europe and beyond. So why not embrace the change? As Susan Jeffers said why not “feel the fear and do it anyway?”

comfort zoneRemember growth rarely happens inside of our comfort zone, real growth happens when we step ‘outside of our comfort zone!’

Ultimately why not shift from fear to faith, once you have faith you can achieve anything you put your mind too!


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