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How To Re-Balance Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day

Does your life feel chaotic?

Are you always spinning plates?

Would you love to get things back on an even keel?

Well… can, and what’s more it only takes 5 minutes a day.

But first you need a simple piece of paper and a pen.


pen woman

4 Simple Things.

Now you are going to take an honest look at your day. You are going to recognise how you use your time, in what way, and how often in one simple exercise.

From now on EVERYTHING you do will be divided into 4 categories.

The 4 are:

Work – Play – Rest – Maintenance + Management.

Work – what you do for your income or earnings including travel and preparation (as in getting up for work and getting ready to any time on e-mails at home or work tasks).

Rest – periods of inactivity such as watching TV, having a soak in the bath or reading a book, plus how long you sleep too.

Play – when you have fun and socialise as well as exercise, sex and family time.

M + M – this is for other tasks such as washing and ironing, going to the bank to pay the bills or the supermarket, e.g. errands and running your home and life.

From the moment you get up in the morning you are going to chart your day dividing all you do into these 4 categories.

Now for the chart and now for the truth!

The Chart of Truth.


Do this for one week…… studying or thinking about it, just put it all down into one of the 4 groups each day.

Now on day 7 calculate how much time has been used/spent/given/wasted (you will decide what to call it when you see the truthful results) on each category.

Take a look at that truth. A real good, honest look!!!!!

Is one figure way higher or significantly lower than the others?

Has one category been given all of your time or starved of your attention?

What is out of balance and how?

As I said it’s truth time. You must look upon these with truthful eyes and see where you’ve been under or over balanced and begin getting things all fairly (and healthily and lovingly) re-aligned once more.

Do this chart every week for 4 weeks checking at the end of each week (a Sunday night is best before the working week begins) and one final tally for all the weeks after 4 weeks in total.

This is your life, and this is what is staring you in the face. Are you really balanced????

Smell that coffee, wake up to what you see……..and re-balance it NOW!!

Repeat often, no pills involved, just one reality check. One that could change or save your life plus the relationships in it!!


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