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3 ways to add more laughter in your life

girl-204327__180Laughter really is the best medicine and guess what most of the time it is totally free! Laughter provides a vigorous workout, it tightens your stomach muscles, strengthens your heart and regular laughing even boosts your immune system. So if you really want a happy, healthy, stress free life then laughter really is the best medicine going. We all need to laugh more.

flashmob2Did you know it is National Laughter Week here in the UK? As part of the weeks’ activities I attended a Laughter Yoga Flash Mob event in the center of Birmingham this week. I really did step outside my comfort zone to do this. Yes, I know I smile a lot, but physically laughing with great big belly laughs was something I hadn’t done in public maybe since I was a kid.

So what is it that stops us really letting go and laughing more and more. Why do we just have a little giggle, or worse hardly break a smile? I know for me; I think I’ve just lost the habit of really laughing out loud. Unless it is in a controlled environment maybe a comedy show, but then again I’m still a little reserved at comedy shows. I always think if I laugh to loud the comedian will target me so I tend to chuckle and smile with a silent laugh.

But this Monday in the center of Birmingham I went for it, I didn’t care who was watching and what they thought of me. Well that is not strictly true as I did make a comment that I was pleased I’d given up local politics and no longer worked for the City Council anymore as we were right outside my old office. But the fun I had was priceless, laughter yoga is an excellent work out and my jaw ached so much I couldn’t stop laughing. I smiled all the way back to the train station, on the train and as I walked home. I was a true Cheshire Cat.

Try these 3 simple steps to add more laughter into your life.

  1. Smile more: Train yourself to smile more and more, turn that frown upside down. Why not make a point of smiling at strangers on your journey to work every morning?
  2. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh: Children are a real joy to have around, especially when they break out into infectious giggles. Why not spend more time with the people who bring fun and laughter into your world and leave the miserable people alone for a while?
  3. Watch a funny movie, programme or video clip of your favourite comedian every day: Or if you’ve got young children why not re-watch some old cartoon classics like ‘Tom & Jerry’ and roll about laughing in your PJs, I bet the kids would love it too? tom & jerry

So go on make a date with yourself and get smiling and laughing more and more. Now that is one infectious virus I will sign up





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