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Do you want to be someone else?

mask ladyIsn’t it okay to just be me instead of wanting to be someone else? Do you hide behind the mask?

I keep reading that 60 is the new 40: That 50 is the new 30 but why can’t I just be me? Why do we have to be someone we are not? I don’t get it, when we were young we wanted to be older, now we are older we want to be younger! Life is a funny old thing isn’t it?

sallyRecently one of my favourite journalist/ columnist for Psychologies magazine walked into the sea & died, Sally Brampton had a history of depression & wrote about her journey “Shoot the damn dog” A memoir of depression, in which she shared her very personal story of living with depression. Sally’s last article in June 2016 copy of Psychologies talked about “these days everyone wants to be somebody else; we never appear good enough for ourselves” Isn’t it a real shame that we and when I say we, I may mean us women more than men here. But in this modern era, just as many men tend to feel that ‘they are not enough’ either.  We only have to look at the suicide statistics for men to prove that point or the increase in cosmetic surgery and male ‘grooming’ goods on the market.

slender-man-makeup-tutorialSo why do we have to pretend to be someone else? We all wear masks, the majority of us wear numerous masks. How many of us women cannot step outside of the house without our make up on.? We have to get “our face on” don’t we I loved the Micky Flannigan sketch with his wife being unable to answer the door ‘without her face on.’ So just what is wrong with the beautiful face that Mother Nature gave us?


I guess it is more to do with our fears, fear of standing out in the crowd or not standing out! Being a plain Jane, fear of being criticised, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of getting old in fact it is just fear & possibly the all-powerful media that portrays women as being ‘more’ beautiful with makeup. Incredibly we even have make up to give us the natural look! What is that all about? Great marketing though, you have a naturally beautiful face and skin, but you still need to have a more ‘natural’ look with our products.

Don’t get me wrong I love makeup products I even sell makeup and a wide variety of beauty products in my own on-line network marketing business. So don’t worry this isn’t a rant about natural verses make up, it’s just opening up the question of why we find it so hard just to be ourselves!

I’ve been debating lately whether to let the few grey strands of hair stay & never colour my hair again. But the pressure to look younger & conform may well prevent me from that option. Time will tell.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if for one hour, one day, one week, one month or even one year we could just accept ourselves for who we really are! The person we were born to be, perfect in every way just how mother nature intended; simply not being someone else.

As Sally said “don’t waste time striving for the unattainable. False ideals are the enemy of promise”

For me I’m just going to try, one day at a time being me and not someone else. Living without the mask, getting to really love me & appreciating everything I do. Who fancies joining in?

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