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Could You Be A Mistake Millionaire?

You’ve probably played with a Frisbee.

Or watched as people have fun whizzing them about trying to catch them.

But they were a mistake that became a massive success.

Originally Frisbee was a pie and cookie company. Students loved their food which was delivered in small tins and began throwing the tin covers at each other shouting, ‘Frisbee’ as they did and soon a fun phenomenon, and a new best selling product, was born.

By mistake.


You see sometimes mistakes are actually golden doors to great discoveries. And maybe the odd million as well!

Mistake-it Happen!

And there’s the Post-it notes.

The biggest global mistake turned genius ever.

Post it notes were never conceived originally – they just happened as a result of a product not working. That product was meant to be a super strong adhesive for use in the aerospace industry but it was too weak for commercial use.

Then came the day that changed everything. One of the company engineers, Arthur Fry, used it to stick down page markers as he sang in his local choir in St Paul Minnesota. He took how useful it was back to his employers and after various internal departments in their company also began posting reminder notes on their bulletin boards, they realised they had something on their hands.

The rest is very much history.

Arthur Fry

Arthur Fry.

They didn’t make it happen, it wasn’t planned…..they did though mistake-it happen.

And so could you!!

Success IS a mistake!

What does all this prove?

That mistakes, failures, things going wrong etc are what leads to discovering amazing success that wouldn’t have come about any other way. The ‘didn’t work’ shines a light elsewhere on what could and will work.


What has gone wrong for you that could be looked at again?

What is there that could be used or done differently (don’t think adhesive, think notes!)?

How could you flip it (you haven’t got an idea for kids, you’ve got one for mums or teachers)?

Maybe the feedback ISN’T negative, it’s giving you a big clue to what people want?

And even if its all fell apart, perhaps that’s a service…….helping others who have experienced the same?


From Frisbee to Post-It, success came when the plan crumbled and altered, only to reveal a lucrative concept underneath.

Whether it’s a business idea or even your career, love life, or diet, you may have an amazing find hidden and just waiting for a whole host of light bulbs to switch on or many, many pennies to drop!

Mistake-it happen and become a millionaire or just one successful soul.

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