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Today is a GREAT Day!

Life_of_Brian2How do you start a Great Day every day? How many times have you heard people saying or even singing “Always look on the bright side of life” However, it isn’t that easy; is it? Why is that?

Because our negative thinking and negative self-talk is mainly unconscious, it just mumbles around in the background, so how do you change something that you are not aware of?

Well let me share the secret, it is by introducing some simple daily habits, often referred to as affirmations.

Try saying “Today is a great day”or “Today was a great day” and listing all the things you are grateful for. Why does this work? Simply because it allows you to focus your attention on all the good things rather than negative things that have happened in the day.

iphone 001When someone says I’m interested in getting a black Renault Clio car, what do you notice, that’s right, just how many black Renault Clios there are on the road as you travel to work. Try changing the colour to red and know in your heart you want a red one and look at how many red Renault Clio’s you now see.

With this very simplistic example, you can use the same technique and start to see what can happen if we focus our attention on good things instead of the bad. For example;


  • Instead of just picking up your favourite cereal in the supermarket why not take a moment to be thankful you picked you favourite cereal and savour every mouth full that morning.
  • Or when having your first cup of coffee, really get into the mind-set of imaging what it is like to taste it for the very first time.
  • Or when you get into your car each morning on the way to work why not, enjoy the little bubble that is your own personal sound system then you will float into work. Who cares if there is traffic its more ‘you time’, its more time you get to listen to your music, podcast, audiobook. Stay in the car instead of rushing into work, just sit there for a few more minutes and eat a little healthy snack, as a reward to fuel you for the day ahead, maybe even think about what you are going to achieve that day.
  • Walk into work with your head held high, make eye contact, smile and say these words and really mean it “Good Morning’ and then get ready to stay in the present moment as long as possible.

have-a-great-day-dribbble_1xTry sending yourself an early morning email to help build you up before you open the rest of the inbox: “Hi, just want to say Good Morning, you look wonderful today, nice outfit. Do you remember all those good things about yesterday? Great day wasn’t it. I’m so proud of you getting to this day, what things are you ready to do well today?”


These tiny steps, undertaken daily will become habits. So why do we need to focus on the bad habits when we can focus on the good? Life really is too short to worry about the what if’s, the what I could have or should have done better. Do this for 21 days and watch your mood lift and your outlook start to change. Don’t worry if people think you are a little different and maybe a little bit mad, but…. better they think you’re mad than a mega energy zapper!!

Have a great day and well done you for doing the amazing thing.

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