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What really happens when we say YES to life?

leciesterBy saying yes to life you get to experience so much more, you have a positive can do attitude that really does turn your life around. Maybe it is time for you to stop saying no, maybe or I can’t and add a few more I can, I will and yes, yes, yes to life. Just look where this got the team everyone in the UK and beyond are talking about.

This year has seen a ‘wonder team, an underdog’ win the English Football Premiership League. A team who were bottom of the same league at Christmas 2014 & into 2015. So what changed? Yes, they did change the manager and introduced a new manager July 2015. However, he was tipped to be the first to be sacked in the 2015/16 season. So that wasn’t the answer although many are now saying his style and calmness helped.

saying-noSo what was it that led to being bottom of the league one year and top the next? Did they have the best players in the league who have won loads of titles playing for them? NO! Did they buy the world’s top players? NO! Did they have an unfair advantage over all the other teams? NO! Did they have the largest following and capacity at their ground? NO! Did they have loads of money that helped them win the league? The answer to all of these is a resounding NO!

So what did they have that made the difference then? Well believe it or not it was simple. It was belief and teamwork. They worked as a unit, they worked together, they fought together and had an amazing consistency and saw every game as a chance to move towards the next goal. They believed they were winners and they said “Yes we can” even when everyone else was saying “they can’t can they?” The dream was set in motion and their belief grew.

They also used a number of positive techniques that each and every one of us can tap into. Some of you know, mainly because I’ve been talking about it ever since I returned 3 weeks ago that I had the privilege to attend the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ 4-day immersion seminar. Part of that programme is to get yourself into a ‘peak state’ to walk over hot burning coals. Since I’ve returned I’ve used music, positive self-talk and mantras that have enabled me to shift my mind and body to achieve things I previously thought I couldn’t. One of the songs I use is The White Strips “Seven Nations Army” Click here to listen!

When you say ‘yes’ to life the world really does open up endless opportunities, try this simple but effective mantra every day.

Stand in front of the mirror and look deep into your eyes and repeat

“I can do this” “I will do this” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” play a song really loud that really energizers you, get your body moving and continue to say “Yes” out loud. People may think you’re crazy but then everyone thought the 5000-1 bet on Leicester City to win the league was crazy too! Ranieri played this song before the players went onto the pitch where they played like they owned the title: Kasabian “Fire” Click here to listen

Make every day a YES Day and live your best life yet so you too can lift your own personal Premiership trophy.  Believe you can and you will. Say YES!

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