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Begin Your Future With An Honesty List.

Bucket LIsts.

Shopping lists.

Christmas lists.

We are high on lists.

Timely reminders of what we need to do, to get, or to complete.

But one list rarely gets started, let alone, ever completed.

The list to end all lists. The list that will change everything in your life…

The Honesty List!

list woman

This list is about YOU!

It’s your inner list. The one you know inside, the personal emotive To-Do list you never finished or faced…….

Until now!

It’s time to create an Honesty List and clear it.

The time is right in life. The world is changing, the times are changing, you are changing.

You need to be fully you in this new world. So now is the point in your life to pinpoint the inner restrictions you delay dealing with like jobs you will get to ‘one day’.

It’s your honest you….and now you need to be honest!

It’s time to put down (both on paper and within you) what has been holding you back.

Write the right.

Grab a pen, stay calm, find a quite moment in your day (considering and preparing in advance for this moment is important), sit down in a comfortable undisturbed place…and begin to write.

Name what you have to be honest about yourself

Something like this….

  1. To face my fear of being loved by someone who cares.
  2. No longer be scared of being successful and noticed by others.
  3. Not to feel it’s wrong to have wealth and plenty of money.
  4. Believe that others really want the best for me at all times.
  5. That I have nothing left to prove and never ever had.

The Honesty List contains your internal secrets.

The ones you deny, those ‘uncomfortable’ feelings you won’t deal with.

As many as you have, and as many as you will truthfully now bring to light and free yourself from.

A list that breaks down the blocks that have blocked your life….by you!!

Be honest, be free.

Most people’s lives will be free by writing an Honesty List.

The holdbacks that have held them back will be there in black and white. Be it emotional or a belief, a misconception or an old childhood fear.

But…..on a piece of paper they have less power.

They are a simple list of the simple things that haven’t been seen for what they are. Till now.

Hang-ups you brushed under the carpet that now can be hung-up for good.

It’s time to write your own Honesty List. One that will get rid of what’s never been true about you.

So why is it called an Honesty List?

Because when it’s done, at last you get to honestly see the real you underneath. And it’s that wonderful person you’ve finally meet who will give you the most amazing future you’ve always deserved.

And I’m being honest about that!!

Be Happy

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