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Do you apply the 3 P’s of life?

passionDo you know if you apply these 3 P’s daily you will totally transform your life? By applying these you will reap the rewards and the success you desire for your life, now and later. So, what is stopping you stepping up and applying the 3 P’s daily from this day forward?

So what are these 3 amazing P’s then I hear you ask? Well let me start with the first one that we all have and we all know when we apply this feeling to our life it really does improve. I challenge you to not smile when you are in this state?

1st P – PASSION: you can have passion for absolutely anything you choose to. Passion uplifts your life and the life of those you love and care about. Passion takes over your whole self and enables you to achieve your goals. Without passion life really does become dull. Try saying “I Love too” instead of “I Liked too” just give it a go and apply it daily to everything you do. Start loving your life and reap the rewards.

positive2nd P – PROMISE: you have to promise yourself first before you can make promises to others. Why not start the day with a promise to have your most successful day yet? Promise yourself that you will be successful no matter what happens during the day. That way you will get to fulfil your dreams and accomplish your most important tasks in the most important order to achieve ongoing success.




Promise-Day-73rd P – POSITIVE: Be the optimist, look on the bright side of life, see the positive in any given situation. If you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the office, see it as a bonus to listen to your favourite music or the next chapter of the audio book. Always remain positive even if things didn’t work out as you had planned. By keeping the faith that things can and will get better, it will lead to good things coming your way.

Never be the one that quits at the first sign of struggle, be the one that strives for everything you desire. Why? Because you deserve to be happy, fulfilled as you are a truly special and unique human being.

Did you smile when you thought about what you were passionate about then? Why not practice the 3 P’s daily and let us know how your life changes?

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