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7 steps to spring clean your life & business


Are you really ready for spring?

In the western hemisphere we have been eagerly awaiting spring and finally this week it has arrived. Throughout the winter months many of us bed down, deep underground just like seeds awaiting the warm sunshine that spring promises us.

But are you really ready to spring into life? Are you really ready to spring your business into life? Just like those seeds we’ve been nurturing; the shoots have finally broken through and now it is time to watch them grow or more importantly to produce the food that continues to nourish and support us.

If you’re not that ready for spring yet; then here are 7 tips to help move you forward and put a real step into your life and business.

Declutter-your-wardrobe1: De-clutter: Make way for real growth, clear out your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards. Give those unworn and unwanted clothes to charity, vacuum pack the rest and really make way for the new.

At work de-clutter your desk, drawers and more importantly de-clutter your computer. Empty that inbox, set up those folders that will enable you to locate all those files easily, thereby enabling you to have more time to do those important tasks without having to search everywhere for the correct email or file.




Spring-clean-mind-body-lady-in-meadow2: Stretch your body: Start each day with a stretch and really appreciate the early morning sunshine. As the clocks spring forward get up one hour earlier, go for a walk, do some yoga or swim anything that gets your moving and stretches the body.

3: Stretch your mind: Aim to read or listen to a motivational speech or book every day. If you’ve stretched your body in the morning, why not use lunchtime to stretch the mind? 30 minutes of positivity will spring you through that mid-afternoon slum. Remember shoots only grow when you feed them.



detox4: Detox your body: Refresh your body, those impurities will stunt the shoots growth. So make sure you drink plenty of water, mix it up a bit, add lemons, limes, ginger and leave to infuse overnight, ready to drink first thing and throughout the day when your thirsty reach for the water not the coffee. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables ditch the pre-packed lunches and takeaways. Prepare those healthy snacks and really nurture your body to enable real growth.

“Remember healthy in = healthy out”

5: Start looking around you: Why not look for new opportunities, a new job, a new hobby, a new relationship, a new home or place to visit? Just check out what’s out there and spring into action.

12127-People-Inspire-You-Or-They-Drain-You6: Detox from the drainers: Get rid of those toxic people, you know the types don’t you? The office vampire, the friend who drains the energy from the room as soon as they walk in. The relative who puts a downer on your dreams or new ideas. Ditch them, pull them out just like weeds as they block the essential sunlight that enables us to thrive.

7: Get outside more: Soak up the sunshine, add the natural vitamin D to your daily life. Why not spend each and every lunchtime walking around, just 30 minutes in the fresh air can make all the difference and you can even tap into your audio motivational talks as you walk. Or just connect to the environment look at the flowers, look at the buildings and listen to what is going on around you. So many of us fail to see what is under our nose as we rush around day in day out. Take time to look, and really see the beauty all around you.

So go on, allow the shoots to grow. Don’t forget to feed and water them, de-clutter the mess that surrounds them and spring into your best life now!

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