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5 Happy Habits of Highly Successful People


We all have habits.

Some are helpful, most perhaps are not.

But highly successful people have stunning habits, fabulous ones that make them happy (and others) that ensure success keeps flowing into their lives.

We’re going to let your into the secret.

Here’s their top 5 happy habits!!

1. New day, new discoveries.

The very successful are very successful in how they view life. Not for them is the outlook that today wasn’t great so tomorrow will bring more of the same.

They welcome each day as a brand new opportunity to discover amazing things. The past has gone, viva the new and the incoming with expectations that it will benefit them in so many ways.

The new = unlimited opportunity.

2. Put love into it.

They are genuine people who live from the heart first. They put their love into their projects and into the people they work with and who work for them and into every day in all they do.

Their success stems from their love touching others and rippling back to them ten times over. They know honest love makes a positive difference in the world and makes a big difference for them too.

3. They curiously explore.

Successful souls have a habit of curiousity. They are keen and interested and willing to explore with an enthusiastic nature like a young child excited about life and the world.

The more they explore the more they find that captures their imagination and fires up their plans and ideas not to mention they get to amass huge amounts of knowledge and understanding.

4. They fill up a different bank.

Most people aim to fill up their bank accounts with money. Not the happily highly successful. Their riches come elsewhere in floods.

They bank heaps of experiences (swimming with dolphins, volunteering in nature, getting up at dawn to see the sunrise etc), committed time spent with people they love, doing good deeds for no reason, enjoying trying new things all the time, and above all the simple moments that are etched on their heart (when called ‘Daddy’ by their first child or when they spent a weekend with their Mum just before she died). This inner bank is what they draw from to invest in success.

5. They help others do the same.

Success is better and sweeter when its shared. On their journey successful people like to give others a leg up or help connect them to situations that will change things for the better. They simply believe in win-win.

Above all they ask for nothing back instead encouraging those they benefit to pass it on to others they meet along the way to bettering themselves. They pass the good stuff forwards. They are happy to help so that helping makes people happy.

Successful people use these habits and in doing so success itself becomes a habit.

You might want to try them!

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