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3 Ways to be successful

jo_hangulatbanDid you know that successful people/entrepreneurs really do think differently?

We all know by now; that our mind-set (how we think) affects what you truly believe is possible. Our thoughts can aid us or indeed hinder us, as we progress through life and our entrepreneurial journey. One of the most valuable assets we have is the way we think.

Henry-Ford-Quote“If you think you can, you can & if you think you can’t you can’t” Henry Ford 1920’s



Successful people/entrepreneurs really do understand this better than the majority of people on this planet. There are so many ways you can cultivate a strong mind-set – it is a lifelong condition that takes daily practice. Life has a tendency to throw you off course. Life can often throw you lemons, you can choose to be bitter or make sweet lemonade, if you change your mind-set.

You always have a choice. Yes, that is true, we all have choice, by reconfiguring your mind-set you can move forward with your life/business. Here are 3 ways to become successful, change your mind-set and grow yourself and your business.

1: Realise you have the power to change:

change 21

How many of us make excuses that then allows us to stay stuck and not move forward? Well, if you want to be a success you need to control these problems and tackle the issues/excuses head on. You cannot apportion blame to anyone or anything. It is so much easier to blame other people for not getting on in the world or not winning that contract. Don’t let those excuses play any part in your life or business. Find a way to continue on your path, get real clarity on what you want to achieve and if necessary change the path, but keep moving forward knowing you can and will succeed. You have the power to change within you it is called CHOICE!

2: Accept failure with gratitude:

gratitude7Understand that any experience positive or negative is helping you and your business grow. All successful people understand that failure teaches us valuable life lessons. Edison wouldn’t have invented the lightbulb if Edison had given up after the 1st, 10th, 100th or even the 999th attempt. There is a great saying “If you’re not experiencing failure in your entrepreneurial journey, you aren’t taking enough action.” Stay motivate and if you’re hitting all your goals set bigger goals and keep moving towards success. Remember to say thank you for every experience and accept failure as just another learning experience along our journey of life.

3: Value who you are and value your time:

taking-actionWhat is the one thing on this planet that we can’t get back? TIME; it waits for no-one as it ticks away continually. Value your time above everything else especially value time way above money. Realise time is the most precious gift on earth, value it and stop wasting it. If people encroach on your time, learn the valuable art of saying “NO.” If it doesn’t fulfil you and your business needs let it go and just say no. Remember how many of us get distracted by the ‘Shiny New Penny;’ stop and say no and really focus on what will help you get on the next step of success.

Learn to say no to toxic people too. We all have ‘drainers/vampires’ who suck the energy from us. They love nothing more than stealing our passion, ideas and thoughts to keep you small. Well to really succeed in life and business start protecting your mind and who/what you allow into your mind.

successful-people-unsuccessful-peopleThen my friend you can really reach success in your life and your business. Don’t give into excuses, learn from your mistakes and failures and begin to fully realise just how precious a gift ‘TIME’ is.

Go on and be the success you want to be!


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  1. John Sherry says:

    Thank you Keith, glad you’re inspired!!

  2. Keith says:

    Excellent article! Anyone who implements what you have shared in this article will undergo a magnificent transformation !

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