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3 Steps that could change your life!

woman-climbing-stairs-378x282As spring is almost upon us in the Western Hemisphere, thought it was time to take the opportunity to “plant seeds of grace that grow only in the soil of loving attention and mindful time” thanks to Wayne Muller for that phrase. Who doesn’t love this time of year where shoots are springing up, blossom is starting to sprout and yellow daffodils are opening up as the sun starts to warm us?

Another quote by Wayne Muller that mentions we have “to be awake to be alive” Such a simple phrase, but how true is it? How many of us go through our daily lives sleep walking from one day to another, from one month to the next and from one spring to another spring a year later? Many of us carry on doing the ‘same old, same old, day in and day out and we wonder where the day, week, month and years went! So what are the 3 steps we could take that will allow us to awake and alive?

SONY DSCStep one: Open your eyes.

What would happen if you really opened your eyes and really drank in the beauty of the world that surrounds each and every one of us? We go through life not really absorbing what is around is, what if you really took the time to look at people, animals, environment, buildings, birds, trees the list is endless, go on have a real look and drink in all in.



Child listeningStep two: Open your ears.

Really listen to what surrounds us, what noises do you hear? What music surrounds you and can you really hear your children, partner, family, friends and colleagues’ voices? Do the words resonate, have you managed to shut out the noise and really hear the words and understand the meaning?



open-your-heartStep three: Open your heart.

While you are in a forward motion and stepping into really listening and looking why not open your heart to the love that encompasses each and every one of us. We spend so much time thinking rather than just being that love can often pass us by.



So what is it that really stops us moving forward and being really present in the moment? Why do we have to run around in ever decreasing circles?

When did you last take a “YOU” day? A ‘You’ day is a day when you get to please yourself and do just what you want to do. If you want to walk in the woods, swim in the ocean, spend a day painting, writing, drawing, dig the garden and plant those seeds, go to the cinema and watch back to back movies, cook your favourite meal, bake cakes, visit a museum or an old building or just sleep all day. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it and really enjoy it.

So why don’t we just do it as Nike advert says? What really prevents us from enjoying quality ‘me’ time? Is it really impossible to book a whole day/date with yourself? Why can’t we just step off the treadmill of life and reconnect with the simple pleasures of living?

So many things prevent us from doing just this; we hear people complaining “I never get time for me, I’m so busy, life is just so hard” well what if you responded by saying “Why not just do it?” Book in your diary a ‘You Day.’ Take yourself out on a date/day trip, it doesn’t have to cost much either, but then if your value yourself why not spend some money on just you?

You could take yourself on a long walk (leave your phone behind as well) Put your ‘out of office’ on all of your devices and let go. Don’t upload to Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media platform you spend hours on. Be ‘selfless’ for just one day, reconnect with you, with nature, with culture with anything that stops the ‘norm’ and really open your eyes, ears and heart.

Look at what and who surrounds you, listen to conversations without speaking and getting involved in other peoples’ busy lives, listen to nature and the wonderful sounds animals and birds make as you walk around. Listen to your own heart beating and open up to all the love that is held within.

thank youThen as your return back to your normal busy life don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’ to yourself and make sure you make another date as you begin to really fall in love with you again and remember to take those 3 steps to you each and every day.





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