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How to Hustle With Love – The New Breed of Entrepreneur


There’s a new breed of entrepreneur.

One who works FOR success but WITH their heart.

Everything they do, everything they create, everything that motivates and drives them, comes from inside in their heart. Love is their commodity.

They are experts not in big business but human business. Their reason comes from someone in their life – working to build a legacy so their son/daughter has a better world, being someone so their late mother/father would be proud, working to have a comfortable lifestyle to pay for treatment or care for a family member, or just a pure, kind soul who feels we all gain when we live from the heart.

They are fast impacting the world – building, striving, transforming, and above all getting out there and hustling with their heart to make it for them and those they love.

Here’s their 6 secret success skills to hustling with heart.


1. Share their deeper feelings.

Hustlers with heart open up. They ditch pure business speak for heartfelt honesty of why they do what they do and who inspired/inspires that. They are comfortable and in control with their feelings. They’re not deep, they are natural.

2. Tell their personal story.

The bedrock of their business revolves around their personal story. What led and fed them to where they are today. It’s less no holds barred more very whole and real. They are happy to own it and tell it – it points to where the love came from.

3. Keep fuelled up on love.

Many a business person is fuelled by success or wealth or recognition but the new entrepreneur has his focus firmly on love. The love they have for someone to achieve something is their personal petrol every single day that powers the enterprise they are developing. Love is always their fuel.

4. Be a human helper.

First they trade with love, but a very close second they act oh so human in all their dealings. People are at the heart of their activities and they put them there with genuine humanness – respect, being caring, family values, kindness, warmth, and being someone people love to work with, deal with, and know.

5. Get the balance right.

Traditional business thinking is to create a strong venture means working long hours living and breathing their organisation day in day out. Not the heart hustler! They have balance – they care about their family and friends, health, peace of mind, and quality time with loved ones, so they work consistently but know when enough is enough. Their heart matters too!

6. Love it all.

It may be business and all the stresses and pressures it could bring but that’s never on their agenda. They just adore being a love entrepreneur and all the adventures, people, possibilities, and everyday discoveries it brings. Not to mention how much it makes that love simply grow and grow. It’s not work, it’s love in action.

Business is at the heart of the economy and each country we live in.

But these new entrepreneurs are proving that love is at the heart of business and that is really what brings us all together. And together we grow and become closer and understand each other.

They remind us that true success is about the love we have and the love we share.

And that’s everyone’s business!

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