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Are you an Optimist?

optimistAre you a true life optimist?

Do you look at life and see the glass half-full or even over flowing? Do you look for the silver lining in each and every situation, even if the clouds are gathering overhead? If you answered yes to all of the three opening questions, then congratulations you are a true optimist and maybe this blog isn’t for you. However, I bet you know someone who could benefit from reading on?


But if you’ve answered no to all or any of the questions then read on and let’s see if we can transform your thinking, get you to change your mind-set and start re-programming how you react to situations and how you speak to yourself and others.

how-to-change-your-attitudeSo what is an Optimist? Optimism encourages people to feel positive about themselves, other people and the world in general. It is about seeing the benefits and positives in each and every situation. It is about believing that life/things are getting better all the time. It is hard to keep a positive and optimistic outlook when we hear so much ‘bad news’ each and every day. Wars, famine, earthquakes, accidents, the refugee crisis, shootings, strikes, people dying of cancer, the list is endless. But maybe that is just the variety of life that happens to touch us all. As an optimist we can count our blessings that it isn’t us, or we can ‘catastrophize’ and worry ourselves to such an extent that we stop going out, we stop doing the things we enjoy, we don’t talk to people. We simple shut ourselves away and become a ‘human doing’ rather than the wonderful ‘human being’ we are meant to be.

So what can you do to increase your optimism and change your thinking? Why not try these simple steps to becoming a ‘glass half full’ human being?

good-news1: Turn off the news, as only sensational bad news sells. The feel good stories/news are an afterthought and normally the final item after the bad news has been well and truly sold to us. By turning off or limiting your consumption of daily news on the TV and radio you can reclaim the space in your brain and really choose what you listen to on a daily basis.

2: Stop reading the tabloid daily newspapers, again like the TV news they love to sensationalise and scare us. How many of these newspapers love to knock ‘celebrities’ or people who have achieved something in their lives? Again let them go, if you love the crosswords, then buy a crossword book or look on line for details of what’s on in your local area. Why not campaign for the reporting of more good news articles that really supports a positive can do optimistic attitude that really celebrates success in our communities?

3: Look for solutions to any issues that arise. Make a checklist of how you can add value or change to what’s happening. Remember we can’t change the past, we can influence the future – but the real difference lies in what we do in the here and now. Choose solutions rather than dramatise and spiral into worst case scenario. Napoleon Hill ‘Think and grow rich’ states “What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” Henry Ford once said “If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t” Both are right as we can choose what we think, so why not start thinking solutions instead? Go on and break free of the negative ‘glass half full thinking’ and see what happens.

4: Resit controlling everything in your life. Why not opt for a ‘Happy Go Lucky’ approach to life. Start with small things/steps and gradually increase letting go and trusting what will be will be. Resilient people thrive on uncertainty and the opportunities they bring into their lives.happy go

Good luck and let us know how you’ve got on with changing your mindset and looking at life with a ‘glass half full’ approach and turn this into your new habit.




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