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Would you give up on giving up?

pancakesDon’t you just love pancakes? 

As we approach Lent the same question comes around time and time again, especially within certain traditional faiths.  What are you giving up for Lent? Lent last for 40 days and nights, here in the UK we start with pancakes on Shrove Tuesday followed by giving up something from Ash Wednesday until Easter. Many give up alcohol and chocolate, hence the wonders of chocolate Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday.

So at the InspiratiGiving up 1on Club we thought we would look at ‘Giving up on Giving up’ It’s only a few weeks since many of us made New Year Resolutions and I wonder just how many of you have kept to them? As I write this blog I have to admit that I gave up on every one of them within a few days. But I will continue to look at giving up treats like chocolate, cakes, sweets, wine and anything else that sustains an unhealthy lifestyle as I strive towards my goal of being healthier and slimmer.

Does that make me a weak willed person? Maybe, maybe not! Does it make me sad? Maybe, maybe not! Does it make me feel like a failure? Maybe, maybe not! It does however frustrate me that we get so caught up in ‘Giving up’ that we then go on to crave the very things we give up. So how can you give up things that harm you, don’t move you forward or just make you downright miserable?

Life is about commitment and not just talking about doing things. As someone once said “A dream isn’t worth anything until you try and put it into practice” So why not commit to turning those dreams into goals and maybe not giving up.



Did you also know that quitting can become a habit? So just like the things you want to quit, the quitting becomes a habit too, so maybe we can give up quitting and learn the art of persistence too



These 3 easy steps will help point you in the right direction of not giving up?

1: Set realistic goals that you really want to achieve. Why not re-evaluate just what it is you want to achieve and research how you could make life so much easier for yourself.

2: Stop ‘Giving up’ why not just take a few simple and small steps forward to your goal. We all know that small achievable steps enable us to keep moving forward. The key to motivation is to visualise what the outcome will look like. Plus, why not take the time to remove temptation from every corner of your life. When cravings kick in, distract yourself for a minute and then increase those single minutes one at a time until the craving has passed. A busy mind or busy hands can help distract you and enable you to stay on course towards your goal.

3: Don’t do it alone, when you are moving towards your goals, getting someone on your side, whether that is a professional, your partner, friend or someone you connect with will enable you to achieve so much more. An accountability buddy who understands you and really gets your ‘Why’ will enable you to move towards your goals with ease.

imagesSo what does never giving up really mean? It means believing in yourself, a willingness to accept ‘failure’ so you can learn the lessons and move onwards and upwards with your life. It really is about ‘walking the walk and not merely talking the talk’ isn’t it? So why not take that leap of faith today?

And remember if all of that fails then maybe, just maybe you can ‘Give up on giving up!’


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