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The Simple Phrase That Is Changing Peoples’ Lives.

Can a life change with one phrase?

Is it possible to turn things round using just one sentence?

Are a few simple words powerful enough to transform a person’s existence?

The answer to all of these is, ‘YES!’.

Because many, many, many people have found it to be phenomenally true.

One sentence, one short phrase, one simple set of words spoken regularly and confidently is what’s beginning to shake things up…..and the word is spreading!

It’s a mantra, right?

Mantras have been a fad for a while. In short, a mantra is a spoken affirmation, that if you say often enough (and sometimes strongly enough) will begin to change you by re-wiring your circuits and beliefs to run with this new more powerful/beautiful/determined (add whatever need you may have here) future until it becomes real.

A ‘fake-it-until-you-make-it’ encouragement if you will.

Here’s an example.


These have made famous by the mind-body-health work of Louise Hay.

BUT, this new phrase goes beyond such self-help suggestions.

It evokes the ‘self’ from inside and stokes your own fire, the one you know is ready to burn, without dictating where in your life you think you need to be galvanised.

You speak it, you feel it, you know, like a magic pill it goes straight to where it matters within you and lights the touchpaper. It’s that good.

Said calmly again and again as the days and weeks and months go by, something different will emerge from you.

A whole new life force of freedom and strength expands as a brighter, more confident you surfaces.

So, what is this special phrase?

It IS special but it’s not some secret ancient wisdom or unknown tribal chant or anything hidden away for centuries.

It’s a 4 word phrase, one that if you repeat constantly will get under your skin and work at lifting your vibes, your energies, your view of life, and more tellingly, your whole awareness of who you are.

It won’t make you think you can achieve, it will help you feel that you WILL achieve by being you.

And that phrase is……

‘I believe in myself’!

Yes, that’s the one.

Take a second and listen to those words. Let them sink in. Really sink in. Feel how real they are. They go deep. Very deep to something unique in you. Something that is your gold.

They are telling you, reminding you, where your genius and brilliance is that will bring forth that which will make your life fulfilled.

It’s magical, and there are plenty who will tell you…listen to world champion Conor McGregor who came from nothing to the world’s best in the first 45 seconds of this video.


If you want more try looking up Will Smith and Jim Carrey on You Tube too for the power of belief.

And that very same Hollywood, world champion belief is yours too with this phrase.

Say it every day lots of times, make it part of you, make it so true that nothing else in life is as real, keep it with you all the time, and remember it as surely as your own name.

It will change your life like never before!

I believe

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