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Do we really set out to fail?

FailedyourExam-300x234Well that’s not strictly true is it?

We don’t set out to fail, neither do we start out with the intention of giving up do we? Yet how many of us who set out our intentions, goals or resolutions on 1st January have already given up or are tearing our hair out with sheer frustration a few weeks into the New Year?

A large % of us give up within a few days, some last 7 days and some get past two weeks but did you know it takes 21 days to create a habit? If you’re on track and still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions then hang in there as a new habit is forming.

However the majority of us have already given in, had a drink, smoked a cigarette, missed the gym sessions, eaten those cakes and continued to do what we’ve always done. Habits really are difficult to break aren’t they? But why is it so difficult? What prevents us forming new habits? We really do commit when we set out our intentions. So what does go wrong and are we just weak? Do we really set out to fail?

habit (1)Don’t worry it isn’t all doom and gloom as we really can change.

But first we have to really commit and make it a must. Plus most of the time we set our goals as dreams and wishes that are too distant, too big and therefore we perceive them to be unattainable. We allow our inner dialogue our pesky inner voice to tempt us, or we allow others to sway us too. We didn’t start out to do this did we? When we set the intentions we were so positive but unless we change our surroundings as well it is so easy to find an excuse to fail. Once we’ve failed we then start beating ourselves up and the whole cycle starts again. So which road will you take? The same old, same old or something new?

EatanElephantQuoteSM-300x300So what can we do to break this cycle of failing?

Small steps, the old management phrase ‘how do you eat an elephant?’ comes to mind or ‘every journey starts with a single step’ by setting achievable goals and breaking them down into small chunks and celebrating small success can and will reprogram our brains. It’s a bit like another management theory of ‘how to boil a frog’ a frog will stay in a pan while you heat up the water but will instantly jump out of a pan of boiling water. (we don’t recommend trying this though)




One of the great questions in life when goal setting is ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ this question enables us to really dream, to visualise to  plan and understand our why. Once you understand your why, the main reason behind your goals or resolutions you can then break them down into sizeable chunks and sticking to them begins to be a little easier. We all need a little motivation to get us started and by the 21st day we will have created a habit. Told you it was simple didn’t I?



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