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5 Great Reasons Never To Give Up


You’ve tried and tried and you’ve not succeeded.

Whatever you do nothing ever seems to work.

Your dreams and goals are as far away as ever.

Right now you’ve put your heart and soul into a plan or a project, a hope or a hearts desire, it hasn’t worked, you are tired and dispirited and ready to give up.


Here’s 5 fabulous reasons why you should never give up…

1. The darkest time is just before the dawn.

Do you know when it’s darkest at night? Just before dawn and sunrise! That’s where you are right now….in that dark (depressing, soul destroying, negative) place but soon it turns and the light starts to flood in.

Like a marathon runner who hits ‘the wall’ (a feeling of exhaustion and wanting to give up near the finish), keep going, see it through. New light, bright sun is on the way!

2. It’s bringing something out of you.

Let’s face it – without your personal target driving you on you probably would have quit by now. Now you get to take the extra mile – the fabled success path only the brave carry on.

With it you will finally unearth talents, vision, genius, perseverance, and even a destiny that’s lain inside you waiting for just this time and just this challenge.

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3. You are on the verge of a breakthrough.

Many a dream chaser has given up just before the breakthrough. They turned back never to witness their astounding victory that was about to appear. Don’t make that you!

It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be next week or anytime soon, That’s how the amazing and sensational are born – they suddenly burst through (well to everyone else that it is, to the soul who made it happen it was a ‘one day’ belief). Stay with it…welcome the amazing.

4. You’ll end up back where you started.

So, you want to throw in the towel? Admit defeat after many months or years of hard sweat and piles of personal energy? For what? To be back exactly where you started, all that effort and striving wasted.

You began your journey to reach somewhere special. Somewhere worth going AND STAYING. So keep going and keep staying at it. If you feel like stopping now you’ll be as far away from your dream as you ever were, if you don’t you’ll be closer!!!!!

no giving up

5. You’ve waited all your life for this.

You may think you’ve spent hours and days and months working for your desired goal. In truth it’s taken all your life for this. It’s only in recent times that you’ve had the will, the funds, the passion, the frustration, the absolute reason etc to actually go after it.

You’ve waited all your life to better your life – so keep going, push through, get to that better life and that best you that’s just beyond this. It’s your life… it for you!!

Dreams and big goals test us.

They take a lot…a helluva lot, but that’s because they are the highest and greatest. But they are made for us, we can do it….and if you never give up and go again with renewed vigour YOU WILL DO IT!!!


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  1. And don’t forget, light shines brighter when it’s darkest.

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