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Do you let those Gremlins ruin your life?



Do you let those pesky Gremlins or that internal voice ruin your fun and allow them to stop you living your life to the max?

Have you ever notice that when you get an invitation through the door to a party, a theatre or a live event? You find yourself saying, wow, that looks amazing, I’ll go. You then contact your friends to see if they will be as excited as you are about it and would they like to come with you. It is easy isn’t it, especially when it is something that really excites you and doesn’t come around all that often. I bet most of you don’t say no to those kind of events do you?

NY-Gremlin-gremlins-33863116-1200-788But then the day draws nearer and the little Gremlins in your ear says, “I’m exhausted”, “It’s been a busy day at work”, “It finishes late”, “I would go but I know my friends will bail”, “I probably can’t find parking spot”, or even “I’ll be shattered for the rest of the week”.

How many times have our friends ‘bailed’ on us at the last minute? They give us a wide variety of stories and excuses as to why they can no longer come, just the same ones we tell ourselves. But are we aware that we are constantly using this negative self-talk? This internal chatter that stops us from really have fun, just in-case!! We can all talk ourselves out of things that could be fun or become a life changing experience? Why not start saying ‘Yes’ to most things and then work out the how after? A new way of thinking for the approaching New Year!

At The Inspiration Club we cover a wide variety of topics and inner critic (that internal negative voice inside your mind) is one of them, well this inner critic or gremlin, as we like to refer to it, is the little bugger that talks you out of the fun you didn’t know you were capable of having.

So what can you do about it? Why not try the following when that “Little Gremlin” tries talking you out of having fun?

1)   Say YES, if something makes you nervous and excited then it’s something that will push you out of your comfort zone, so next time someone invites you to something interesting say yes and mean it. Why not pay them upfront for the ticket, therefore when it is costing you money, maybe, just maybe you will think twice about bailing out at the last minute.

2)   Commit, if your gut instinct is really excited about something, it is benefiting the authentic you. So make a commitment to follow your gut instinct on these tasks. Block it out in your diary, put an alarm on your phone, get a baby sitter, a dog sitter, tell work you are leaving early. We all commit to a holiday we have paid hundreds of pounds for and no one would dream of talking us out of it, so treat it as a holiday for the soul.

recruitment17 (1)3)   Be like a Girl Guide or Scout and be ever ready. Why not get the dinner sorted early, lay your clothes out so they are ready and waiting for that night (don’t let that pesky gremlin talk you out of that outfit) Wash your hair the night before, (funny how there is no bad hair day excuse when you are committed to going to your best friend’s wedding….you prepared weeks in advance for that one, didn’t you?) Tell the husband/wife/partner/kids/dog to sort their own dinner out, this time is yours, or better still that early dinner preparation will pay off and all they have to do is load the dishwasher.

4)  Step out the door, the first step is the hardest, your dressed, your wearing your favourite aftershave/perfume there’s no going back, the kids cannot believe you are going out and having a life and are trying to call you back to help them look for something they’ve lost in the pit of a room they live in. Tough, you are out of the door, no looking back now, keep going.

5)   Smile and stand tall, walking into a room like a rabbit in a headlight does nothing for your confidence, tell yourself your excited to be there big deep breath and walk in the room like you own it. Confidence is the key to success.

6)   Connect, chat to someone new, you never know what story this person has to share and they could be your new cheerleader in your life, someone with the same interests a new friend who keeps the gremlins and “neigh slayers” at bay. If in doubt, prepare a few opening questions and just actively listen.

7)   Say yes again and again. How great was it? Fantastic right? That fear and the adrenalin of doing something new for the first time, time to say yes to something again tomorrow this is the new you, feels great doesn’t it?


Alternatively you could make sure you don’t feed the Gremilns after Midnight and then it may stay soft and cuddly, but can you really take that risk?

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Happy Christmas and we look forward to sharing more Inspiration with you in 2016 
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