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20 Real Truths NEVER To Forget About Christmas!


Christmas – a special time that comes but once a year. 

And with it all the amazing experiences Christmas brings.

Trouble is we can get so caught up in the celebrations that we can forget it’s life lesson meanings.

So, this Christmas always remember these 20 real truths of Yuletide for winter, for all year, for life!!

1. It’s NOT all about money.

Christmas isn’t measured by money or the value of presents. The real worth lies inside not on a price tag.

2. We get to show we care.

Christmas is an excuse or a reason that allows us to show we actually care. It allows us to open up and show it.

3. We can forget our troubles for a while.

Life can be challenging and troubling. Christmas takes us away from that to enjoy, laugh, relax and let it all go for a short time.

4. It reminds us of childhood.

At Christmas our minds and sentiments often wander to childhood days and the Christmas times we enjoyed, the people that were there, the excitement of Santa, and the joy it brought to us as a youngster.

5. Peace on Earth.

Christmas is peace and the world stops its fighting, arguing, hurting, and threatening to spend a few days in peace and getting along. Shame we can’t ever keep it going!

Image courtesy of regan76

6. It’s about creating memories.

Some of our most heart warming memories in life come from Christmas and each year we get to live and create some more.

7. Snow, snow, snow!

Ok, not everyone gets a white Christmas, but it’s part of the tradition on the cards, in the songs, and in all the films and TV shows. We all dream of snow at Christmas time.

8. Remember the ‘real’ gifts.

Beyond the bought for gifts at Christmas we get to recognise the real gifts – the people in our life, health, a roof over our head, food and drink, warmth, freedom, and lots and lots of love.

9. We think about others.

In an increasing me, me, me world it’s heartening at Christmas that we think about and consider others from those we love to old friends and (hopefully) people with less in the world.

10. It’s a religious festival.

Despite all the present buying, food and drink devouring, and big partying, we must never forget we can only do so because it’s a religious festival first and must respect that and those with faith.

Image courtesy of Waiting For The Word.

11. Appreciate what matters.

Christmas brings us time to reflect, to slow down and connect to what really matters in life and also who. Time to appreciate them all.

12. Share the love.

At this time of year love gets to have a chance and lead the way and we feel safe (and make more of commitment) to sharing love more openly.

13. Giving and receiving in equal measure.

All year we may give all the time and never receive (or allow ourselves to receive) or vice versa. Christmas proves you need both in equal measure.

14. Presence is presents.

A person’s presence, their continual being there in our lives, is the real everyday present. Others for us and ours for others.

15. The magic of Santa.

Santa is a figure of magic, of believing in sudden gifts and our wishes coming true, in having someone who makes life better…we should never lose our connection with that!

16. Christmas songs.

The radio is full of Christmas hits and songs and the shops too plus the singing of carols means the air is full of good feeling Christmas sounds.

17. We get to smile and laugh.

Life can make us serious and stern, Christmas brings a smile back to our face and a laugh back to our emotions and reminds of how good they feel.

18. We practice R&R.

Again life can be hard, full of stresses and pressures, Christmas gives us permission and space to get some well earned and needed rest and relaxation.

19. Time to come together.

At Christmas we come together (partners, family, friends, neighbours) in perhaps ways we never get to do all year. It brings people round a table and togetherness into a home.

20. Gets us ready for a new start.

As Christmas dawns we think about the year that has gone and we begin to look to the New Year and the new start, the new chances, that are just round the corner.

Image courtesy of tanakawho.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

These truths though also remind us that the special things Christmas brings can last the whole year through!

So from us all at The Inspiration Club…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and here’s a special message from us to you.

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