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What is the best question ever?

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So what is the best question you could ask yourself then? Interesting thought isn’t it that we have a million and one questions running through our heads each week. But what is the best question you can ask yourself?

We all have very similar wants and needs that enable us to move forward every day. It is how we pursue those wants and needs that really defines who we are or more importantly who we are going to become.

The best question could be “What do you want out of life?” But then that assumes you haven’t already got what you want doesn’t it? If we haven’t already got what we want, we could answer with the following happiness, gratitude, love self-worth, money, a great job, the perfect partner and the list just goes on and on. But I’m still not convinced that is the best question we could ask ourselves is it?6a00d834520ed269e20133f297acf2970b-320wi

One of the better questions could be more along the lines of “What is holding me back from being the best version of me?” Now that is a very interesting question isn’t it? Again it makes the assumption that something is not quite right with you and your life. But it really does get the old grey matter working on what I can do to be the best version of me each and every day. Now that is more like what the best question you can ask yourself could be.


Another great question is “How are my ‘Shoulds’ getting in the way of my ‘Haves’? Now if you are like the majority of us, we go through life ‘shoulding’ all over the place. I should do this, I should do that, plus a wide variety of other alternatives of should have or even could have springs to mind. But then again that isn’t the best question we could ask ourselves is it?


Alternative questions look at “What have I given up on?” “What am I doing that really matters in my life?” How am I going to know when I’ve achieved everything I want in life?” Plus we have lovely simple questions like “Have I made someone smile today?” and “What small act of kindness was I once shown that I will never forget?”


Every single one of these questions helps move us forward or keeps us stuck in the past. Where would you rather be? Someone once said “A library is a great place but you wouldn’t want to live there fulltime so why dwell in your past then?” So true, we do spend so much time worrying about things that have happened in our lifetime, maybe it is time to move onwards, if you can change it, then change it and if you can’t then move on and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Difficult I know but great advice regardless.



So maybe, just maybe; the best question we could ask our self is “How can I have the best possible day today?” I love the optimism this question poses and that is why I’m choosing this as my best question ever.


What would your best ever question be?

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