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Do you have a habit of quitting?

Bills 1Do you have a habit of quitting or are you just plain lazy?

I recently read an interesting article by the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Elizabeth Gilbert on the difference between ‘Quitting vs Surrendering.’ She reviewed the difference between the two and it was then I had to ask myself “How many times have I just quit something because I could no longer be bothered with it or them?”

lazy-catThe answer really shocked me, after ‘quitting’ so many times in my life I had to ask the second question “Am I just plain lazy then?” Have we become experts in the art of quitting? How many of us make up ‘back stories’ to justify ‘why’ we have quit, walked away or left?

Ultimately it is the same and we’ve always had these choices. But I am starting to believe that some of the decisions I have made, have been made not for the right reasons but to make my life easier at that point in time because I was too tired to fight any longer, or is that another story we tell ourselves?

So I have to re-ask the question “does that make me a serial quitter or just plain lazy?” Can you answer that one, honestly too?

Financial-Checklist-Before-Quitting-Your-JobWhat is it that makes people quit their jobs, their partners, their relationships with friends and family, the gym, their hobbies, their education? The list is endless of the things we just quit time after time. As Gilbert stated “Quitting is when you plain give up. Something is hard, it’s boring, it sucks, you’re sick of it and you simply don’t feel like doing it anymore.” Sounds all too familiar especially when it comes to riding your bike, walking to work or getting through the door at the gym. Do we all just give up and take the easy route then?

And is there a difference between some of the things we quit? I’m really coming round to the idea that there could be a link between being lazy and quitting, especially if you have got into a ‘habit of quitting’. For example, if you have a track record of never finishing anything or never sticking to anything or with anyone, it could all indicate a propensity to being lazy? Maybe it takes way too much effort to look for solutions rather than taking the easy route out and quitting!

quittingWe have all been quitters in our lifetime and maybe once we start to recognise a pattern we can start to re-look at how we handle situations and really think about what we do when we feel like giving up.

So next time you’re thinking of quitting why not take the time to really think it through to see if there are any options or solutions you could implement instead. If the answer is really a big fat NO then surrender as you may have reached the end of any power of influence you have over the situation. As Gilbert went on to say “There is a grace and a truth in surrender, as well as a great deal of dignity too” It really does allow the opportunity for the universe to rush in.

I for one will be changing my outlook on quitting and being more mindful about the decisions I use to justify in the name of laziness.  As Gilbert’s final words stated “Stay honest and kind with yourself” If you can re-consider and ask yourself “How much will I lose if I quit now?”

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