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3 Life Questions Everyone Needs To Ask Themselves RIGHT NOW!

Where are you right now in life?

You had dreams, you made plans, you once set goals and aspirations and flew headlong into living aiming to create the life you were expecting to find.

But….has it turned out that way?

Has your life turned out how you felt sure it would or that you promised yourself you would make it?

For most the answer is, ‘No’, yet they can’t put their finger on where it all went wrong or simply ‘never happened’.

Whether that’s you, whether you’ve gotten some success and feel all’s turned out fair, in fact even if life has been kind and you’re doing well, you need to keep asking yourself questions to ensure it represents what ‘life’ is for you.

These 3 questions are the greatest and wisest you can ask yourself RIGHT NOW and to keep doing so to tell if your life is on track to be what you want it to be.

1. Is it making you happy?

what makes you happy

To be honest with this question enables you to stop investing where nothing good is coming back.

To stop giving to a life that’s not giving to you…and giving happiness most of all.

You have to answer this question FOR YOU! No-one else has to come into the equation. For too long you’ve lived for others and not for yourself and your own happiness.

Do yourself a favour and stop that.

Answer the question and do what it takes to let happiness find you.

You will go without until you go within!

2. Is it You?

is it you

As much as ‘What’ has been missing from your life, it’s ‘Who’ that is the biggest missing piece.

And the main ‘Who’ that’s not been there may well have been ‘You’.

Do you recognise yourself anymore in your world? Have you become someone you never wanted to be? Have you lost the real ‘You’ in favour of another version who took their place to survive, to get along, to be popular, to be liked and follow what everyone else is doing?

If your life hasn’t been a bundle of fun perhaps it’s because it hasn’t been designed for the real person who has been living it. YOU!!

Find YOU and your life can begin!

3. It is going where you want?

We all need direction in life.

We can get advise, help, support, even guidance, but ultimately it’s up to us to choose and set that direction.

Are you going where you like? Are you heading towards what warms you or turns you cold?

You are the Captain of your ship – you have the helm. It’s in your hands (and head and feelings and instincts).

Where would you like to head for?

Set a new course – towards better health or more loving relationships. Towards greater self-worth or more money. Towards a job role that fires you up or working for yourself in a personal passion.

Plot a new course and don’t drift. Decide an end point and begin every day going that way and don’t turn back or away.

Don’t be lost in life have a direction to a great destination.

Life is a journey, enjoy that journey!

Life is short, too short not to live it so we love it.

Ask yourself these 3 questions and start loving the life you can create for yourself RIGHT NOW!!!

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