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What 2 letter word is the hardest to say?

No more The answer is really simple but often we say anything but this word! Hands up who struggles with this too?

Is it really that hard? Well of course it is, we use all kinds of excuses and strategies, “I’m not interested, it’s not the right time, can I check my diary and get back to you”?

Some of us will say yes and then create elaborate and often very genuine stories as to why we are unable to do the one thing we said we would do. For example “I couldn’t get a baby sitter”, “My partner got home late”, or others like I had a flat tyre, I ran out of money, the bus didn’t turn up, snow on the line anything other than this simple little 2 letter word.

confused-woman-420x0Making the mouth the shape needed to say it appears to be so hard…but why is that? It can’t be that hard to do can it?

However when you do use this word correctly, it really does hits home …as it appears to be so rare for many of us, especially to close friends, family and our boss. You know how it goes, “you couldn’t just stay late and finish this for me could you? or “I know it’s your day off tomorrow but Johnny has rang in sick and we need you to cover his shift” Sound familiar? How many of us have said “OK then just this once mind”

Quite often people feel like saying the word but it could mean you are rejecting not only the idea but also the person. How many of us have an overall aim in life ‘to please people?’ In fact please anyone and everyone but forgetting to please ourselves. By using this word it may feel that you have upset them and they will eventually do the same to you. You may have felt rejected when people have said this word to you, so how could you do that to somebody else?



So what is this little 2 letter word that carries with it so much emotion, hurt and pain? Yes you’ve guessed it is NO. In saying no, we are fearing rejection, fear of not being loved, feeling bad for not helping others, fear of conflict, fear of missing out, the list is endless.



So here’s 7 ways you can say no without the guilt or the need to elaborate too much,Business Woman Looking On Option And Select No Decision Isolated

1)     No, sorry I am unable to commit to that right now, if my situation changes I will be sure to let you know.

2)     No, not now, but please feel free to ask again

3)     Sounds like it will be great, however I am going to have to say no on this occasion

4)     No, thanks but let me have a think about it and I’ll get back to you, If I can help

5)     No, It’s not for me at the moment, however I will bare that in mind

6)     No, I’m not able to help you but would recommend someone else who will be able to help you out

7)     Oh and there is always just good old fashioned No

Give a try today, just say practice saying no. However try not to say NO to this Inspiration Club challenge, it may just change your life and give you more time to do the things which fill you up.

What will you say no to today?

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