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6 Wonderful Ways You Make The World A Better Place

Do you know what a difference you make?

How much better the world is with you around?

Well, if not, here’s 6 wonderful ways that YOU make life so much more special!

1. You make people happy. Every single day you make someone happy…by just being alive, by just being you, by simply ‘being there’. In your world someone feels more elated that you are around. Perhaps you don’t notice, don’t see, don’t know, or don’t expect it’s true, but YOU make a person, or many people, happy EVERY DAY!

2. You inspire others. You lead your life, you do what you do. But others see this life, they see you and what you get through or have to deal with…and it continually inspires them. They are touched and amazed by how you do it and who you are – they may be near, they may be far, but their lives are positively changing through looking at you. You inspire! father watch 3.You help the world turn. The world turns because of you. You contribute yourself, your skills, your personal self to work (jobs and roles that help everyone in what you do), your heart to peace and love out there, your support to causes and charities, events and people who need your help and caring, and your whole being to life being great for you and everyone else you meet. The world would be less without you!

4. You bring love. What would this planet be without love? Your love keeps the love alive and flowing. Your love of special family and friends, your love of animals and/or nature, your love of helping and listening that gives love to others, your love for yourself and all the things you enjoy doing, and your love of life and enjoying every minute. Boy…do you put a lot of love out there!

love sun 5. You’ve left a trail of good. Take a look behind you. At today or the last year…or your life to now. There is a trail leading from you…a good one. It contains all the kindness, help, giving, loving, and good words, actions, and deeds you have done for lots of people. You are a good person, one who has done so much good. Thank you!

6. You are the only you. There are 7 billion people on this planet…but there’s only one YOU! Only ONE. No-one else on Earth or through eternity has ever been you. You are simply unique – a one of a kind in mankind. From your fingerprints to your name, from your thoughts and feelings to what you wear and what you love enjoying, to your crazy little foibles and genuine heart…..there’s only one magnificent, pure, priceless you. No other soul in this world can be you the way you do!

1 of a kind Everything about you has made this world a better place. And continues to do so.

These are simply 6 to remind you but there’s thousands of ways you make it wonderful for life on Earth.

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  1. John Sherry says:

    YOU make people happy Liz!! xx

  2. liz mills says:

    Fabulous makes me feel so happy xx

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