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Change your mindset to achieve success.


Would you really give your all to achieve success or is money your main motivator? I learnt this week that the England team were on a £100’000 bonus if they won the Rugby World Cup. Whereas New Zealand’s bonus was £66’000 both of them are way more than most people could earn in a few years. But was money the main motivator on the rugby pitch? Clearly not; as England would have made it into the knock out phase and the New Zealand team would have stood on the side-lines moaning about it.

So what lessons can we learn from this simple fact of what really motives us? The New Zealand ‘All Blacks’ are amazingly fit, they epitomise ‘good health’ they did look like the leanest team out there on the pitch. But that wasn’t what set them apart either, they had something else that set them apart. So was it the ‘Haka’ that stirring of pure emotion and a call to give their all that intimidates the opposition? Maybe! Was it the weight and strength of the pack, again maybe? Was it the exceptional kicking of a guy who was about to retire? Again maybe, all of these are awesome in their own right. But as James Kerr states in his book “New Zealand Rugby, Legend” It’s all down to a simple mantra ‘Better people make better All Blacks’

change 21The All Blacks changed their culture and their mindset to become pure inspiration, not only to a nation of 4.5 million islanders, not only to the world of rugby but internationally to everyone who has seen them perform or read about their transition. There are no individuals in the All Blacks Team each one matters as much as the other. They developed a culture of mutual respect, a passion to be the best they can be and a work ethic that encouraged excellence coupled with pride to represent their nation.

Many of us in business know if you want to succeed you need to change your mindset your company culture. You need to get a good ‘value base’ and become a better person. So the All Blacks not only transformed their culture of drinking, eating unhealthy foods and partying, they went beyond the basics. They looked at spiritual and personal development alongside values and what it really means to put on an All Blacks jersey. They also change the words to the ‘Haka’ to be more inclusive to the Islands that make up the team.

The All Blacks became a team; a community that valued and respected each other. They even cleaned their own changing room, they humbled themselves and got rid of their egos that enabled them to see they weren’t that special that it wasn’t someone else’s job to clean up after you. They focused on humility and performance, perfecting each move and using their brains rather than pure emotion or brawn to win.

So do bigger bonuses really motivate you to win? Maybe for some it does, but for the back to back World Champions it is about changing your mindset that counts more. The All Blacks may have had only one Captain on the pitch but every player was a leader. Everyone of those guys knew their role and that they were part of a team with one goal in mind, which was to win!Richie-McCaw5

Champions do go that extra mile and clearly money is not the motivator here. It’s being the best they can be and the pride that goes with earning your All Blacks jersey. As Kerr says “Don’t just be good, be great” The All Blacks gave it all, they really did completely change their mindset to achieve success and 2 World Cups in a row.



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