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Are You Ready to Forgive?



woman-forgiving-hugDo you really know what is holding you back and preventing you from forgiving yourself and people you love?

And did you know there are 3 things that prevents us from moving forward and really embracing our lives?

This month has seen a lot of clearing out, it may be Autumn or Fall in the Northern Hemisphere but it is Spring in the South, so maybe it is time to have a major clear out; that includes not only de-cluttering stuff and people but freeing up space in your mind too!

The 1st thing that holds us back is ‘Toxic People’:

toxic people quoteHow many of us allow toxic people to knock our dreams & our confidence? You know the type, the ones that always leave you with a feeling that they haven’t really got your best interests at heart but you can’t quite put your finger on it as they’re smiling at you as they say it?
Sometimes it’s kinder (to you) to just let them go, even if they are family members or “old friends”. Remember the saying, “Some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. Maybe the key to happiness is to let some go much quicker.


The 2nd thing that prevents us moving forward is holding onto ‘Regrets’:


Remember Old Blue Eyes sang about having a few, well yes, we all have a few but again maybe it is time to let those go too. If you can do something about it then do so if not then as the Frozen song says “Let it go”. Life is way too short to have regrets, just remember to not have so many in the future, if you want something what have you got to lose by just going for it?




Finally, the 3rd is not forgiving ourselves for making ‘Mistakes’:

Hands up who’s never made a mistake in their entire life? I thought so, not one hand has gone up, unless you are a real saint then welcome to the Inspiration Club Blog.

Famous inventors made 1000’s of mistakes but in the end they learnt from every one of them to finally achieve success.

If you can amend the mistake then why not try to do so. If you really cannot undo the mistakes then maybe it is time to forgive yourself and also forgive others who have made mistakes that have hurt you. We can all dwell in the past, but as the saying goes, “A library is great place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there full-time”. So why dwell in the past? Don’t let anyone hold you back!

This week is about ‘Forgiveness’ and yes that really does start with forgiving yourself first and opening up a doorway to forgiving others.

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