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The 3 Hidden Habits That Are Killing Your Figure



You want to look good.

To have a fabulous figure, feel healthy and alive, and great about yourself.

Eat well and exercise and that should do it. Right?


Wrong, because even if you did have a simple balanced diet and worked out often there are 3 habits that are destroying most people’s approach to a better body.

Three habits that are killing your figure before its even got started.

None of which relate to food, getting fit, or a sensible lifestyle.

They are 3 personal habits that you may not even be aware you have!!

Habit 1  Looking at magazines.

You are at the supermarket. You see the glossies.

They are colourful, full of gorgeous celebrities dressed to the nine pins dripping in glamour, looking stunning. Or there’s images of model like women with happy smiles in their tight bikinis next to diet tips or ‘How to shed a stone in one month’, or ‘Get your Summer sexiness’ articles.

Or, if you are a guy (and they increasingly look at men’s fitness/health mags these days) it’s the rippling muscles, taut stomach, and perfectly honed Adonis torso that hits you.

All of which stick in your mind; how great they look, how happy them seem, how easy it must be.

Except it’s notit’s a magazine designed to get you to buy and it’s not real. But the lack of self-esteem you get by continuing to read or buy them is.



Habit 2Comparing yourself to others.

There are 7 billion people on this planet.

That means there is ALWAYS someone better looking, younger, and more popular than you. Not to mention they look incredible in anything they wear whether they are jogging, doing the washing, shopping, or out on the town, and never seem to age or look different year after year.

And that includes people you don’t know!

Comparison is a paralysing game.

NO-ONE will appear as awful or frumpy as you if you choose to see it.

Or unimportant or fat. Or ‘past it’ and horrible in front of the mirror.

There’s only one you – someone to support, and love, and enjoy being every single day. And not everyone who has a perceived perfect body can testify to feeling that on the inside.

Don’t compare. EVER!!


Habit 3Hiding yourself away.

So, you’ve checked out the magazines and seen all the beautiful crowd, you’ve compared yourself to heaps of better looking people out there or among your friends, you now feel well and truly out of it.

Time to hide.

Hide your body by avoiding going out as much, turning down invitations on the pretence you have other plans, or avoiding certain handsome people making excuses at not being around them, so inferior do you feel.

Hide your figure away in baggy tops or big coats or going to the gym (if you do go to a gym as what’s the point anyway, right?) when it’s quieter and no-one will see you.

Hiding your true self inside – your personality, your unique character, your crazy laugh, quirky sense of fun, your own take on life. 

CELEBRATE YOU! Say hell you like cellulite and hello to what you like.

Don’t hide.

Be proud – let yourself out!

Image courtesy of David Goehring.

The truth of all of these is that your figure is one small aspect of who you truly are.

Whether you have perky boobs or red hot abs, or a big bum and a double chin, if you enjoy being who you are, and live that person every day proud to be you, with a smile and a laugh, a kind word and a positive outlook… will beam. You will be hotter than hot.


Because happy people are the most attractive people there are.

They are one beautiful, special, bright, inspiring, joyous figure wrapped up in whatever size body they choose to enjoy life with.

Go figure!!

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  1. John Sherry says:

    Yes Liz, happiness comes FROM us before it comes TO US! X

  2. liz mills says:

    Great stuff always love yourself then life and happiness just arrives xx

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