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Why you always want things to happen but they never do?



How many of us always want things to happen but then get stressed that nothing changes or nothing ever happens? Well maybe it is all down to you and what type of person you are? Did you know there are three types of people in this world? And do you know which type you are?


The first is a ‘Want it’ person type! Many of us want things to happen, many of us talk about wanting this, that and the other, but they rarely happen just because we want them to happen.

If I am honest, I have wanted so much over the last 30 odd years I have lost count.

Remember that age old saying “I want never gets” that our parents constantly said to us when we were young and I know I have repeated so many times with my own children. I never really got it until recently and then I had that lightbulb moment and appreciated exactly what my Mum was saying all those years back. However it would have been nice if she had told me why, I want never gets?



The second type of person is those that ‘Wish it’ would happen. How many wishes have you made over the years? I wish it would be sunny, I wish I could win the lottery, I wish I could find just the right man/woman, I wish I could just find the right job then I would be truly happy. The list is endless, some of us literally wish our life away.


But hang on a minute what about those of us that have dreams and wishes and wants, surely that is all we need to make things happen isn’t it? How many of us have a ‘Dream Board’ even the greats like Anthony Robbins & Louise Hay encourage us to dream and then dream bigger don’t they?  Well yes they do but they also encourage us to take the next step. Dreaming and wanting something will not make it happen either. myodreamboardexport

That brings us neatly onto the 3rd type of human beings and that is the people who literally do have it all. Yes they wanted and yes they had wishes, they even made dream board but they also took action, massive action to ‘Make it’ happen and that is the difference.





So if you really do ‘Want’ your ‘Wishes’ to come true, ‘Make It Happen’. When we take action, even if it is small steps (sometimes we don’t have to make a giant leap) you will get there, but make sure you know where there is?

Why not take time to turn those wants and wishes into real plans with real time-scales, real action  and maybe just maybe you will have everything you have ever wanted and things will happen and ultimately you can prove your Parents wrong!

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