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Do You Have The Reverse Fear No-One Talks About?


We fear many things.

Most are ‘negative’ aspects; fear of dying, fear of failure, fear of spiders, fear of heights, and the no.1 fear – fear of public speaking.

But there’s ANOTHER fear no-one speaks about, let alone considers, though it’s probably the most debilitating and damaging fear for a happy life.

A ‘positive’ fear, if there’s such a term.

A fear that holds back countless numbers of people every single day.

The fear of success!!


Success should be a wonderful feeling – finally you have made it, proved yourself, come out a winner, shown the world what you can achieve and, perhaps, become who you’ve meant to be all along.

Sounds good?

Not if you have a very low opinion of yourself.

Not it you don’t perceive you have much to offer.

Not if you plain hate to be noticed and can’t be anonymous and forgotten like you always were (even though that also makes you uncomfortable).

Not if you have negative beliefs around successful people (they are selfish, use people, only interested in money and their own ego) or success itself (for the wealthy and well connected, not for the everyday guy/girl on the street).

Not if you’ve gotten too used to being the victim, the loser, or the ‘never-win-at-anything’ person, so success won’t change anything at all, no-one would still care.


So, how do you conquer this fear?

  • Don’t compare yourself – there’s no-one to compare yourself with, you are you, 100% unique in every way.
  • You’ve succeeded before, so do it again – whether it was exams, getting a job, overcoming difficulties in life etc. NOW, just upgrade that success!!
  • THIS is what you’re here for – you’ve not put out much of value before because THIS is what you were born to be successful at.
  • You control this – before life controlled you, so you had little say, now you get to hold the reins and be in the drivers seat YOUR WAY!
  • Success is what YOU say it is – most fear success because they define it by a ‘society’ or glitzy magazine view. Craft your own personal version of success and live it so you’ll love it!

Fear of success is a great thing.

It means you are finally on the cusp of a life that’s right FOR you and right AS you. A step or two from your real life and the real, fully alive, you.


In truth success is all about you. Never fear being the real person you are.

There’s nothing more successful as living happily as yourself!

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