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Could you be breaking the 2 Minute Rule?


business woman in trouble by houseworkWhat’s the one thing that the majority of us do day in day out? If you’re like me you’ve found a wide variety of ways to put off doing the things you need to do by avoiding and inventing other things to do. It is as simple as making a number of small excuses and justifying to yourself that it is right.

So what is it that we all do daily I hear you say? Yes we all know the answer it’s ‘Procrastination’ The art of putting off the things we ‘should’ do to enable us to move forward.

So, what steps can we take that will help us move forward and just get on with it?

2m-RuleHave you heard of the “2 Minute Rule?” Once we start something we tend to just carry on with it. The momentum propels us onwards and we just keep going. Writing this Blog is a prime example I was putting it off and then I just sat down and decided to write the first sentence and thankfully I’ve kept going and completed it within the hour.

How-to-eat-elephant_thumb[1]I’m sure you’ve heard the old Time Management saying? “How do you eat an elephant?” It is easy once you know how isn’t it? Just one piece or chunk at a time, it may take a while but it’s not as daunting as trying to do something all at once is it?

I’m not advocating really eating the elephant but how many of us get so overwhelmed with everything we have to get done in a day, week, month or a year that we don’t even get to the starting point?

So why not break things down into much smaller pieces and just use the 2 minute rule to get started and see where you get to. I have started to break the week into smaller time zones and have found I have a lot more time and find I am much more focused to get the tasks completed on time.

The 2 Minute Rule is not really about the action or the outcome it is all about the process and getting started. Just imagine how many 2 minutes there are in a day (720), week (5040), month (21’600) and a year (262’800) and maybe, just maybe you will get that book written, that exercise regime completed, the office tidy, the ironing done, the book read, the bike ride completed the list is endless and all it takes is 2 minutes to get started.

5vrv8procrastination-headerWhy wait, start today and ditch the procrastination and soon you will be able to complete anything you choose to start. Imagine how different your life will be?

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