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The Most Dangerous Day Of The Week For Success and Happiness



There’s one day that’s a constant dream killer.

A day that continually takes away all potential happiness and stops it from ever appearing in your life.

Plus it keeps success out of reach and anything darn good remains both elusive and distant.

A day we all talk about all the time, day in day out, without ever realising it. A day you will hear someone most likely mention when you are next out and about in the world after you read this post. One that is ending their best chances of a better life in an instant!

What day is that?

What day has the power to stop somebody’s best life in its tracks?


You see tomorrow is a day that is always to come. It never arrives because it always remains one day away which helps you delay and excuse and put off.

As in…..

‘Tomorrow I’m going to start that diet once and for all, tonight will be my final dessert treat and glass of wine…’, or..

‘I need a better relationship where I’m appreciated. I’ll probably tell him tomorrow if he/she is in a good mood’, or the more classical…

‘I hate my job, I’ve decided I’m going to quit. So, tomorrow I’m going to go in and hand in my notice…but I’ll wait to see in the morning.’ (further procrastination!) and,

‘I really want to work for myself as a graphic designer, but the time’s not right with the economy and with Christmas coming up and….(blah, blah, blah)’.


Life is lived, is experienced, in the NOW, in today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us, one day we won’t have one. In fact we might not even have today until we get to the end of it.

**In a very sad ironic twist today as I wrote this I discovered a friend of mine had died suddenly**

Today is the day.

The day… get started, get asking, get busy, get networking, get connecting, get imagining, get putting down on paper, get up early, get researching, get down and dirty, get working, get pushing, get going, and getting real.


Today is the day. THE only day to begin finding happiness and carving success. Then your future will arrive.

Work for tomorrow, but don’t start there. Start TODAY!

‘What you do today can improve all your tomorrows’, Ralph Marston.

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  1. liz mills says:

    Always positive at the Inspiration Club living in the now is freedom,happiness and is the best mindset for your own self worth remember if you love yourself and your life it will all come back to you Liz xx

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