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How to make time for you.

you time

Do you yearn for more ‘you’ time? Do you spend your days running around after everyone else? Well maybe it is time to start looking after you for a change. Don’t let your time drain away, reset your internal clock today.

Mindfulness Coach Michael Townsend Williams offered these 5 easy steps to ‘Slowing Down & Achieving More’ recently in the Psychologies magazine. So we added our Inspirational twist and thought we would share :)

Side view of young woman doing yoga against clear sky outdoors

1: Rest More: This weekend saw the 3 Inspiration Club leaders taking time to restore their batteries. They took the time to ‘Stop’ John went to the Seaside and caught up with friends. Natasha took the time to catch up with friends and some well-earned rest. Carole enjoyed some quality time reading and watching musicals with her partner. Take time to breathe and relax the body works in 90 minute bursts so why not rest every 90 minutes and just reflect on just being you?

talk less

2: Talk Less: It’s said that the best way to waste energy is to talk too much. How many of us are guilty of doing too much talking and not enough listening? Why not take the time to really listen and hear what is right for you?


3: Be Less Busy: Did you know that being busy is equal to avoidance? No I didn’t either but I have been practicing “working on my business and not in my business lately” and I’m starting to reap the rewards. Michael Townsend Williams says “Next time you’re about to say ‘I’m too busy’ stop and take a deep breath” The key is to do something you’re passionate about and then you won’t feel busy just exhilarated.

think less

4: Think Less. How many of us are guilty of ‘over thinking’ or being ‘stuck in the story?’ This drains our energy levels and can lead to mental health issues. Next time you start overthinking why not concentrate on your breathing and stop the story in its tracks?


5: Be Positive: When we’re positive we smile more and raise our ‘emotional intelligence quota’ If you can achieve a ratio of 3 positives to 1 negative thought this enables people to achieve far more than what they thought they could. Remember if ‘you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t you can’t’ I know which one I chose daily.


So why not take some real ‘you time’ this week and recharge your energy batteries as we step into a brand new month. It’s a great time to commit to a new you as we enter September.

So if you want more time for you, make a start today.

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