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6 Super Energisers That Sky Rockets Self-Confidence

Self Confident Girl

The successful have got it.

The happy have got it.

The achievers and go getters have got it.

Self-confidence. In bucket loads!

Have you got it?

Well, if you’ve not got stellar self-assurance, these 6 super tips will energise you with heaps of positivity juice and sky rocket your belief in yourself to the stars and back.

1. You have NEVER failed at anything.

No..not once! To the self-aware there is no such thing as failure – only lessons and learning, perfecting and polishing, trying and tying things up.

Every day you grow, every day you understand, in all your life you’ve becoming better at being you. So, there’s no failure in anything you’ve done or didn’t do. There’s only just being you!


2. Trust YOUR instincts.

Only you know what’s right for you. Not what the world or your friends or family members may say or advise. Or even conventional thinking and ‘sensible’ logic. The self-aware are happy to listen primarily to their own instincts, their personal gut reaction, to let it lead them like radar.

Albert Einstein was scientific but even he concluded, ‘the best thing is to follow your own instincts’. After all, it’s your life, so why not trust what you know is good for you and which direction that lies in?

branson instinct

3. Positive Self-Talk.

Self-confident souls speak to themselves in only the most supportive language. Not only are their words upbeat and encouraging, they also act as is if a best friend who 100% believes in them is always to talking to them.

They never beat themselves up, they big themselves up. They never drag themselves down, only lift themselves up. Every word is kind, rousing, dynamic, and strong. Muscles for the mind and electrifying for the emotions. Do the same!

self talk

4. There’s only ONE you.

Of all the 7 billion people on the planet, there’s only one of you. You are 100% unique! There’s nobody to compare yourself with and to, and no-one to persuade that you are a one of a kind (just yourself!). None of this is a viewpoint or some positive self-development PR…it’s a FACT!

Look around you. NOBODY looks like you, thinks the way you do, dresses in just your style, enjoys the exact same interests of you, loves those you love in the way you do, has your personal skills and abilities, or laughs the funny way you like to or sings Frank Sinatra songs in the shower.

That makes you an unrepeatable, never to be created again, awesomely special human. Be confident in knowing that!


Wonderful book by Linda Kranz, ‘Only One You’.

5. Nothing can stop you.

The confident out there firmly subscribe to this. Why? Because, despite all of life challenges, it’s ups and downs, it’s victories and losses, its many twists and turns, they are still here. They have survived it all. They’re still alive and got through everything thrown at them.

This knowledge makes them confident, whatever they face or comes their way, they will handle it, and handle it so well they will come out thriving due to the previous experiences they have encountered. So too can you.

Nothing has stopped you before, and nothing will stop you again!!


6. Expect favourable outcomes.

To be self-confident is to expect the best to happen, that all’s well that turns out well, and that the end result will be beneficial. Such good expectations sees the world as kindly and life working constantly in your favour witnessing the good that will ultimately appear out of the fog of difficulty.

These means that worry and fear and uncertainty are banished from your mind allowing life to freely flow through you. By expecting the best outcomes you trust that great things are on their way so are relaxed and carefree….hope-full and fear-less. And, of course, confident of what is to be.


Self-confidence is something we can all master.

And simple daily practices like the 6 above will soon see you as the master of your own confidence, and that can lead you to the most amazingly happy places!

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams’, Henry David Thoreau.

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