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The 3 Magic Words That Create Long Lasting Happiness

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There are 3 words that can bring about lasting happiness.

Words that when you or someone else says them can begin to work magic in your life.

Do you know what they are?

Oh, I know what you are thinking!

You thought it was those ones with love in, the ones from the heart you share with someone very special expressing how you feel.

Yes, they do tend to have happy outcomes but not always. But…it’s not those at all. Oh no!!

There are 3 other words that, when spoken, realised, and accepted, shift life into a whole new level of possibility.

So, what are they?

I don’t know.

No, that’s not an admission, those are the magic words!


To many they are not very appealing or magical for that matter. Quite the opposite, in fact. Yet, these three words can make all the difference in leading you down a better path in life to all that makes you happy.

Here’s some inspiring reasons why.

1. Makes you certain – ‘I don’t know’ often relates to being unsure, so accepting you’re missing some answers leads to much clearer clarity and greater certainty.

2. Connects you to your feelings – sometimes you can be disconnected from your true emotions so not knowing encourages you to go within to touch and connect to what you actually feel.

3. Shows you what you need to learn – you’re not born the finished article, to polish yourself up fully means having to learn, improve, and master. ‘I don’t know’, shows you where.

4. Opens up REAL honesty – being in denial about our motivations or desires, goals or hopes results in confused living, these 3 words leads us to uncover our authentic honesty of what we want and who we are. And that sparks happiness!

5. Prevents mistakes – many a person has landed in a situation they didn’t want because they assumed it was right for them. To not know is to put brakes on until No.4 is unearthed and acknowledged.

6. Sees you as human – it’s easy to get caught up in titles (like a work role or lost as a Mrs this or Mr that), an image or look, or even that you have an amazing life shared on social media. But is it you? These magic words remove any doubt that you are very human who doesn’t get it right, or know or have it all. And that can be very attractive and inspiring to others!

7. Helps let go – when you don’t know a light bulb lights up there’s something not right, something (or someone or some place) you need to let go of. It’s like instinct talking, one that’s got your best interests at heart. Finally you get to listen to it.


These 3 little words, ‘I Don’t Know’, open up huge awareness.

Pretty much nothing stays the same when we truly speak them. If life has been hard or dull for you, then they can unlock a better and brighter you pointing the way to another life that inspires you.

So, if you want more lasting happiness, ‘I Don’t Know’ may be the place to go!

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