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6 Amazing Truths To Tell Your Children About Life

Mum and DaughterYou want the best for your children.

You want them to be happy, to thrive, to have the best possible life.

Trouble is normal wisdom is to share with them all the challenges and difficulties life may present so they are protected and ready.

But….they may also now be uninspired and uneasy about life to come, viewing it more a threat than a thrill!

Life has much to offer, so here are 6 of the most amazingly positive truths that will help them love living and to make the most of every day in every way.

1. Dreams Matter

The world has been formed on dreams. From the creation of cars to computers, world air travel to businesses, without those who dream and then go make them happen, our world would be a duller, less vibrant place.

Remind your children daily that dream chasers and dream makers live in an incredibly successful and abundant world where everyday is exciting and fulfilling.

Joel Brown

2. Be Curious

An open mind finds, discovers, uncovers, is inspired and alive. And all of that doubles when it’s open with a spirit of curiosity. Everything is interesting, everything fresh and new, everything full of possibility and amazing adventures to embark on.

With that no fears or worries can get in so upbeat and entertained is the person’s outlook. Encourage curiosity – it expands life in every positive direction.


3. Define Happiness Yourself

Happiness is a purely personal thing. No two people feel happy about the same things. What one loves, another doesn’t. The most settled souls among us simply allow themselves to enjoy what makes them happy. And they do so unapologetically, without guilt or approval.

Happiness isn’t what others say it is, or society decides, or self-help books might advise. To be happy is for us all to define and live it for ourselves and best of all to be encouraged to do so when we are young!

Create happiness

4. Trust Your Instincts

Life brings many twists and turns. At certain points it won’t be easy to know which way to turn, what to do, or whether to act decisively or not. That’s what our instincts are for. They ‘inform’ us of the best response to make. They give answers when only questions flood our head and get us out of the mental maze.

From being safe to being superb our instincts are our eternal guide to our highest life if we become attuned to listening and following them. Better then to start young before all the brain driven chatter blocks that bright insight shining the way. After all…most people buy their most expensive purchase in life on instinct, a sense it’s right, a gut feeling..their house!!


5. Anything Is Possible

In 1899 The United States Patent Office announced it was to close down as all inventions that could possibly be invented had been invented. Yet, here we are over a century later using millions of devices, gadgets, modes of transport, tools, and technology made since.

Any youngster growing up in the total belief that anything can be achieved, that anything and everything is possible at any time, will be the kind of human who will believe that man can fly and can go to the Moon and lead the way in proving it. Why not make that your child too (though they won’t have to be an astronaut – unless they want to!)???


6. Be Only Yourself

On planet Earth you can be anyone you want to be. You could be a ballet star or an artist, a sportsperson or a lawyer. Sounds good. But you can also try and be someone you are NOT to impress others, to fit in, be liked, to be noticed, or be part of a social set.

There’s millions of different people you CAN be, but only one you really should be. YOU!

Be that person. Then the world will see the real you, the true one inside, and that will bring you all the friends, and help, and especially love, you will ever need. Shine your own star!

be you

Imagine someone’s life with these 6 truths guiding their way.

Imagine too if it was a young soul with their whole life ahead of them, a life that now can be a whole lot more special. More special still because they are your son or daughter.

And that will be thanks to you. Their No.1 Inspirer if you tell them these!

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