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The 4 Most Powerful Things You Can Do For Anyone

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We are all human.

We can’t live life alone.

Everyone, in truth, needs others for many reasons and at many times in many ways.

Being there for someone (especially those who we care about) is important.

It can be life changing or life saving.

That’s how powerful it is.  Very powerful.

Use that power well. Here are the 4 most powerful things that YOU can do for anyone that can change their life for the better.

  1. Listen To Them – in a world of billions of voices most people get drowned out. Their opinion, their view, and more crucially, their feelings, get lost and people feel ignored. Or they simply rarely get any opportunity to be heard for any meaningful length of time. Pull up a chair, give someone your attention, and listen to ALL they have to say, and you will have made a massive difference immediately.
  2. Ask Them – how many of us simply want to be understood? To feel that the world ‘gets us’? Looking at anyone all you will see are your personal perceptions, to really know them you have to ask questions. Then you create empathy and connection and the other person feels empowered.  Never be afraid to ask, it frees you and liberates everyone.
  3. Challenge Them – no-one knows it all, though we can all be prone to thinking otherwise. How regularly have you had to revise your outlook or viewpoints when life shows you a different perspective to rain check your own? That challenge made us more sure of our stance, more certain of what we truly sense about things. Challenge people (in a nice not antagonistic way) to own who they are 100% and they will thank you for the rest of their lives.
  4. Love Them – when we care about people we invest deeply in them. That level of emotion leads us to get upset or disappointed in someone and stop sharing the good stuff – the care, the hugs, the support, the outward belief in them, and…the love. It may be there but we hide it or tone it down when they need it most. Don’t!! The most powerful force on this planet is love and it’s the most powerful feeling in any person. Keep both strong and alive. Always.

These 4 are magic.

They are alchemy for dreams, elixir for hope, oxygen for happiness.

They will keep people afloat or fly them to the stars.

And YOU are the powerful person who can make that happen.

Use that power TODAY!!

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