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Attention Deficit Disorder or just need organising?

Were you labelled a dreamer? Did you struggle to fit in and stay on track? Do you get overwhelmed? Easily distracted? Often late? Forgetful? Struggle to listen? Have you ever considered if you have Attention Deficit Disorder?  (ADD) Well I hadn’t until someone mentioned I take a test to see if I was on the spectrum! Guess what I scored fairly highly on a simple questionnaire that indicated I have ADD tendencies. I’ve always flitted from one thing to another, easily distracted, took way too many risks, butted into other peoples conversations & rarely listened to others (although I have worked really hard on my listening skills recently)
I likened myself to a butterfly always fluttering from one job, partner, home, friendship, idea, musical taste, projects – the list is endless.

I’ve always hated being ‘caged in’ restricted by others, managers, partners, parents, teachers, ect. Conforming to the norm or what was expected of me was always a major problem. I must have driven my Mum & x-partners to distraction, note the term x-partners!.  I now have a new term for my need for change I call it the “Shiny New Penny Syndrome.” (SNPS) It’s impacts on every area of my life. I can’t just read one book at a time I have about five on the go, placed in different rooms. I justify this by stating that everyone can watch numerous soaps or TV serials and not forget the plot. So why can’t I do the same with books, I can dive straight back into a novel and catch up instantly where I left off even a few weeks before.

Who’s completed a Belbin psychometric questionnaire? You know the one that works out which role you’re more suited to. Well I continue to score a zero for ‘Completer/Finisher’ role and highly for a ‘Resource Investigator/Shaper’ I’m always joking about hiring me for the beginning of a project to get the networking done and let someone else finish it. Again I justify why I don’t like finishing things by stating that “I’m creative, spontaneous, a thinker who loves the first phase of projects. After two years I tend to get bored and move on with the job, partner, location the list is endless. I always want to move onto the next challenge, the next ‘shiny new penny’.

So what’s wrong with having this type of personality, or as I like to call it “the attention span of a gnat” in certain circumstances? Well if you’re my partner, parent, child, boss or employee then lots. Because you never know when I’m going to lose interest and move on. Thankfully for my children they’re now of an age where they have moved on. My Mum has always just dealt with it and ultimately recognises I will always do what’s right for me. For my x-partners it’s been a difficult road, way too many have been pushed away as I looked for excitement and didn’t know how to have a ‘real relationship.’

So does any of this sound familiar? There are so many ways you can start to put some controls around the most destructive aspects and continue to develop the more productive aspects of having a tendency to Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult. The Community Empowerment Academy is now running an on-line course and a one day workshop that will help you get some order back in your life and help you recognise when the ADD takes over. We use ‘Mindfulness’ techniques to help you make those ‘boring’ day to day tasks easier. We look at daily simple tasks and how we can develop some structure that we can keep to. We look at self-help and managing your time more effectively. We look at your working environment and maybe help you stay in your job or find the best type of career/job that fits into your lifestyle. We look at trigger points and the financial consequences of over spending. We also look at how over eating can be a real symptom of ADD traits.

As you can see there is a lot to cover and overcome, we look at ways to embrace the positives and minimise the more negatives traits, looking at diet, exercise, simple concentration techniques and mediation to calm the brain and allow us to rest.

This course will take a minimum of 6 weeks to complete online with work books, articles, videos and exercises to help us regain the control and help us stay more focused. If you want more details then complete the contact form at and we will be in touch. The over cost for the full 6 weeks is set at £495 but an introductory offer of £350 applies for the first 20 to sign up before 1st July 2014

If you require further information or want to discuss this further then complete the contact form or alternatively contact Carole on 07846407539 leave a message, name and contact number and I will get back to you. Don’t leave it as long as I did, I started changing how I do things a few years ago, after walking out of some really well paid jobs because I was ‘bored’ I had no plan, no savings and only now am I able to re-start my life, set up and run my business because I have followed my own 6 week programme.

Don’t leave it any longer, make the call that could change your life for the better today!


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